The global Covid-19 pandemic challenges healthcare providers, businesses, and governments to keep people healthy. Ottogee provides simple solution to minimize community spread and save lives.



Slowing the virus outbreak requires us to identify and isolate people who have come in contact with the virus.


Ottogee’s easy to use Bluetooth bracelets detect each other within two meters and store encrypted contact time and duration information on the device.


Data is encrypted end to end to ensure all information is safe and secure. Wearer privacy is protected from invasive mobile apps.

Save Lives with Ottogee

Day One

Jon’s bracelet records that Jon was close to Tom at 9:30am for three minutes. Tom’s bracelet records the same data.

Day Five

Tom's bracelet records that Tom was close to Nick. Nick's bracelet records he was close to Tom.

Day Eight

Adam's bracelet records he was close to Nick. Now Tom, Nick, and Adam are all in Jon's contact chain.

Day Ten

Jon tests positve. The hospital scans Jon’s bracelet with a simple phone app to know everyone that Jon has come in contact with.


After scanning Jon’s bracelet, everyone in Jon's contact chain is notified to stay at home or quarantine.

Use Cases


Security & Armed Forces




Senior Care Living


Healthcare Facilities

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