Ottogee is a resource management solution using real-time analytics to reduce costs, improve productivity, and enhance the work environment.


Reduce Costs

Identify and eliminate waste through automated timekeeping, refined estimate accuracy, and rigorous contractor accountability.

Improve Productivity

See how resources are allocated and performing in real-time compared to expectations. Optimize productivity with AI-powered decision-making.

Enhance the Work Environment

Identify and encourage top performers based on quantifiable results. Reconfigure teams for improved overall performance.

Connected Resources

Anytime. Anywhere. As it happens.
Ottogeeā€™s real-time analytics engine calculates advanced metrics and suggests actions users can take to improve performance. Ottogee connects to resources anywhere in the world. Data is collected and synthesized to determine which tasks are on schedule and which tasks are delayed.

Revolutionary Insights

Drive Your Business Forward
Ottogee combines leading edge artificial intelligence with real-time analytics to deliver revolutionary insights and enable stakeholders to make the best possible decisions. Every time.

See How Ottogee Transforms Labor-Intensive Industries

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